ETS2 Italy Map V2 1.43.x Promods Addon


Italy map rework V0.1
It Requires ProMods 2.60/2.60 + ME
Compatibility ETS2 1.43.x/1.44.x
Known bugs: Invisible wall at Padova sud highway exit
New cities: Padua, Vicenza
New roads: SS16, SR47, SR11



Hi there

Are you getting low fps, just put the game.xml file in Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022 to get more fps and get rid of the crashes. your graphics settings may change.

Another way is;

Go to Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022. Edit your game.xml file. A little bit below there will be a place written <renderer>D3D_12</renderer>. Fix it to <renderer>D3D_11</renderer> and then enter the game. keep in mind this is more suitable for low end computers only. If your system is medium, try don't forget, the fps increases, but on some computers it may start to drop, if you observe a drop, pull back to dx12 instead of dx11.

*Installation is in the file.

changes: V

- Due to the change of the Reshade version, the files have been reorganized.

- Some of the features coming to Reshade have been activated.

- Fixed setting causing FPS drop.




This Mod adds 1,000,000$ to your account by pressing CTRL + ALT + 9 (Map activation key).
Pressing CTRL + ALT + 0 (Horn button) adds -1,000,000$ to your account.
I wish you good games. I hope you don't have to do this trick. because it's better to play without cheats.
In multiplayer mode, a player must first join a farm.


Changes: V

- Gets back the same amount of added money.

Don't forget to watch the video on youtube.

Like and comment on the video to support.

good games




Version 2.0 (1.44.x):
This update is focused on overhauling the entire truck model.
Other reworks/options will be added in future updates.
-Updated truck model for 1.44;
-Added ceiling horn slots to cabins (marks can be installed for flat roof cabins)
-Added special rear case cover for 4×2 chassis. (added accessory for cover)
-Added 2 new rear bumpers specific to the stock (You can add accessories.)
-Added “Renault Trucks” rear fenders to all chassis;
-Added long variant of 6×2 and 6×4 chassis (you can add accessories.)
-Added rear single steer additional axle chassis (short and long)
-Reworked interior (added painted part to doors) (UK and Europe)
-Reworked interior skins.
-Added accessories to the 6x long chassis (LED light and protection bar, optional protection cover can also be added.)
-A new version has been adapted. (new change)
-Errors in tandem trailer have been fixed.(new change)
-Added lights updates and bug fixes.(new change)


Hello there

Changed features in the update:

-Fixed errors in sp and mp.

-Fixed the other vehicle not connecting issue.

-the color has changed.

-Length increased.

FS22 MF 7719 V4


Made for  MF 7719 FS22. Hello, to support me, I would appreciate if you subscribe to my channel. As you subscribe, more mods will come for fs22. Don't forget to come to our discord address. you can have more information and early access to more mods and upcoming mods.

First of all, you can come to my discord server.

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price 176000

hp 210

speed 50 kmh



Base Map freedom V1.2 1.43


Hello there
-map adapted to 1.43 version.
-The map has not been changed, because there are cities to be added in the 1.43 full version.
-The map is not being developed to avoid errors.
-Future updates when 1.43 is full version;
Closed areas and closed roads will be opened in 25 cities.
-The Scandinavian region is now 70% improved. All closed areas and closed roads will be opened in the Scandinavian region.
– 50% closed roads and closed areas will be opened for Italy.
More than 50 new roads will be built.
You can come to our discord server for more information.

ETS2 Italy Map V2 1.43.x Promods Addon

  Italy map rework V0.1 It Requires ProMods 2.60/2.60 + ME Compatibility ETS2 1.43.x/1.44.x Known bugs: Invisible wall at Padova sud highway...